Case study of Penang mutiara

 Case study of Penang mutiara Essay

Question 1 ) Describe how you think Wernie Will

a)make sure that just how he deals with the resort is appropriate towards the way it competes for people who do buiness

For have a biggest expansion, and drive more moreattract success, Penang Mutiara has to:

- Expand its business in other areas to acquire more market stocks against other high-class and strong opponents in the whole Asia region, or perhaps in the world;

-- Offer the difference, high normal quality and characteristic resort services, and comfy environment can be.

- Frequency itself while an " up-market" end hotel organization that focuses on customers will be those who are large income and high eating individuals, and the high class business and political unions or perhaps organizations.

b) implement any change in technique

- Through concession and alliance to business such as tour firms, ocean & safari amusement park, movie companies, golf or car golf club, complete set of hotel sector which is gathering tour, leisure, business exploiture, relaxation collectively.

- Finish foundational services, such as carrying line providers; wireless internet;

- Diversifying their services to fulfill different requirements of customers, such as offering big difference holiday journeying packages; flavoring conference market different deals; diversified types of food.

- Develop automatic system to offer, companies and payment

- Contact form registering membership rights with loyal consumers who are able to be presented more free of charge services or good selling price and receiving the newest promotion info.

- Broaden existing business to developing elektronische geschaftsabwicklung; alliance other hotels in other areas;

c) develop his operation so that it drives the long-term technique of the lodge

- Building and expanding hotel web page, including advantages of hotel services, visitors map, useful resource and promotion information, booking on line, necessity and feedback of consumer, online payment.

- Carries on improvement to get whole operation developing to match the market requirements in operations decisions and long time strategy, such as implementing ISO 9001/2000 standard, TQM and cost control system.

- Develop Statistical Procedure control (SPC) for measuring the assistance quality, costs of customers' satisfaction and complaint, expense controlling, obtaining new services which match with customers changing demands.

-- Develop a top-down strategy to reflect what the hotel's vision and mission, changing strategies, necessity.

- Building an automatic program to improve trusted and rate that making sure JIT for collecting accurate information of customer necessity, conveniently e-pay, delivering and exchanging info for related with each departments, ensuring security.

-- Offer continuous training for personnel to improve the conventional quality of services, English language and foreign languages speaking, handling these new automated system and internet employing.

Adding similar through TELEVISION, internet, high-income reader record or magazines and newspaper.

Keeping and making a high normal quality and low cost source chain which in turn including making sure purchasing on the right quality, fast delivery, retaining versatility, right rates; collecting and utilizing assets form net or global; building physical distribution managing and internet; keeping a high quality materials; building a good connection ship with suppliers

Issue 2 . What questions might Wernie ask to judge whether his procedure is a Stage 1, Level 2, Level 3, or Stage four operations upon Hayes and Wheelwright' s scale of excellence?

four-stage model evaluation:

The four-stage model of procedures contribution produced by Hayes and Wheelwright's scale uses to assess the role of competition and the procedure function adding to for a organization. The model draws four progressions pertaining to operation function. each periods can be defined difference illustrations in the 4 aspects: Romantic relationship with internal and external customers,...

Links: (Nigel Slack, Stuart Sections and Robert Johnston 2001):

competitive approach 's targets are simplistically understood the role of the operation is definitely misunderstood; and difficulty in identifying the trade-offs


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