Case Study Research of Regal Ahold Scandal

 Case Study Analysis of Noble Ahold Scandal Essay

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During the last few decades there are a number of cases of high account corporate collapses and fraudulence scandals. Basically, the dishonest behaviour of corporations influences us all, such as shareholders' shed financial investments, employees who have lost their particular jobs, other companies that provided goods and services to the company, in addition to the economic effect on domestic and international areas. In this paper I will give attention to the case examine of Regal Ahold as well as the large accounting fraud that took place within the company. The difficulties I will addresses include Ahold's transparency and disclosure weaknesses, its strenuous culture aimed at economic development regardless of selected ethical concepts, the weak points of corporate and business governance within just Europe and the United States, as well as the influences a company's global expansion has on corporate governance and its monetary risks. Since an synthetic framework, I want to use Robins' (2006) Specialized, Political and Cultural issue analysis platform, in order to elevate understanding of the difficulties at Ahold by analysing it coming from these views. I wish to dispute throughout my paper, that every one of these aspects are somehow related to a company's respective shareholder or stakeholder approach to business businesses. The shareholder approach focuses mainly about creating shareholder value by simply maximising profits, with a lot of pressure in short term financial performance. Stakeholder theory alternatively also takes into account the passions of parties other than the shareholder, at the. g. personnel and suppliers. All areas of the company happen to be dependent on which will of these techniques it follows.

1 . An evaluation of the disadvantages of Ahold's approach to openness and disclosure.

In this 1st section I would really prefer to examine Ahold's approach to visibility and disclosure. This declines under Robbins's technical framework, as it investigates aspects of accounting rules and principles, the obligation of auditors as well as the role of the panel (Robins, 2006). Transparency is known as a key element to successful corporate and business governance. It truly is achieved by revealing relevant and essential info to a business various stakeholders. In this section I will take a look at some of Ahold's systems of internal control, such as the review function and the role in the board, in order to better pinpoint the weaknesses in its disclosure and transparency. Interior control functions provide central monitoring tasks in company governance and I will show that weaknesses inside these mechanisms, contributed drastically to the scams scandal in Ahold. Frist by of all bringing out the firm theory, Let me examine so why such inside forms of control is necessary at all within a firm. I would in the end also like to link the fact that Ahold's more aktionar value way of business eventually influenced the flaws that occurred in the transparency. The reason why companies want such extensive monitoring of management could be argued to become rooted in agency theory. Agency theory is grounded in the splitting up of title and control. The agent is considered to be purely self-interested and will action opportunistically. The actions from the agents (the managers) should be monitored in order to protect the interest of the principals (the owners). Internal and external governance mechanisms are used in order to reduce managerial opportunism (Solomon, 2007 ). The agency theory thus examines potential issues that may occur between management and investors. The manipulation of the control mechanism, the auditing function, can be explored in order to get an improved understanding of the disclosure and transparency weak points in Ahold. We shall notice that the lack of visibility contributed to increasing and not reducing the agency problem. Disclosure of information is a critical function in reducing agency challenges. Disclosure identifies different kinds of information...

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