Essay about CISCO 2 Chap you

п»ї1. Which affirmation is true about broadcast and collision domain names? Adding a router into a network increases the size of the collision domain. The size of the collision domain name can be decreased by adding hubs to a network. The more extremite a router has the bigger the causing broadcast domain. Adding a switch to a network raises the size of the broadcast website. 2 . Which switching method describes a switch that transfers a frame as soon as the destination APPLE PC address is usually read? fragment-free



latency forwarding

a few. Which cost-effective physical network topology design and style is recommended once building a three-tier campus network that connects three buildings? ​ coach


expanded star

dual band

4. For the appropriate move form factor to get a network has been determined, what should be selected when fault tolerance and bandwidth supply are ideal but the budget is limited? stackable switch

non-stackable switch

set configuration swap

flip switch

a few. Which choice correctly explains a moving over method?

cut-through: constitutes a forwarding decision after getting the entire frame store-and-forward: ahead the body immediately after evaluating its vacation spot MAC addresses cut-through: supplies the flexibility to back up any mixture of Ethernet speeds store-and-forward: makes sure that the shape is free from physical and data-link mistakes 6. Which usually function comes by the gain access to layer in a three-layer network design? excessive connectivity


application of procedures

network access

backbone connectivity

7. If the appropriate move form factor for a network has been determined, what kind of switch needs to be selected the moment future development is important and cost is not a limiting factor? stackable switch

1 rack product switch

fixed setup switch

modular switch

8. What are the three layers of the switch hierarchical style model? (Choose three. ) access

data link


network get



9. The pair statements regarding Layer 2 Ethernet changes are the case? (Choose two. ) Layer 2 fuses prevent messages.

Layer 2 fuses have multiple collision domain names.

Layer a couple of switches course traffic between different systems. Layer 2 switches decrease the number of broadcast domains. Coating 2 changes can mail traffic depending on the vacation spot MAC talk about. 10. Which will service is usually provided by an automatic attendant feature on a converged network? point-to-point video

call routing

THAT management user interface

online video conferencing

eleven. Which two qualities describe a converged network? (Choose two. ) lowered service telephone calls

support of words and online video both making use of the same switch

individual wiring system for voice and video traffic value for small and medium businesses

less expensive equipment price

What is a collapsed core in a network design?

a combination of features of the division and main layers

Precisely what are two factors a network administrator could segment a network with a Layer two switch? (Choose two. )

to enhance end user bandwidth

to isolate traffic between segments

ABC, Incorporation. has about fifty owners in one LAN. The administrator would like to boost the throughput of these LAN. Which will device raises the number of crash domains and thereby improve the throughput from the LAN?


What does the term " slot density” symbolize for an Ethernet switch?

the number of available ports

Which type of transmission will do a switch make use of when the destination MAC addresses is not really contained in the MACINTOSH address table?


What is a basic function of the Cisco Borderless Structures access layer?

provides usage of the user

Fill out the write off.

A _________ network is usually one that uses the same facilities to carry voice, data, and video indicators.


An administrator acquisitions new Gresca...


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