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 call expense reduction Dissertation

Within the last decade, mobile phone technology has exploded a lot. The quantity of mobile users was sixteen million in 1991 while there was 230 mil in 2003. nowaday you will find more than a few billion cellular phone in the world since mobile device has little size that is certainly always offered. Mobile bank, mobile repayment, mobile learning and etc are common services in mobile network. There are three business tasks in mobile phone network: mobile network operator, content supplier, service provider. Cellular network workers have presented value added services for entice new buyer and keep the existing customers. Members can use various services and contents.

Different factors possess affected in call cost and send/receive cost of TEXT MESSAGE or MMS. The foreign call delivery cost in GSM network is very costly because two international cell phone calls are arise. Suppose that a person A from nation X roams to nation Y. person B via country Times calls anyone A. In this scenario the person A is definitely charged pertaining to an international call from region X to country Con and the person B is charged for a local GSM call. One other scenario as if person C from region Z telephone calls the person A, the result is two international telephone calls. The person C is incurred for a global call coming from country Z to country X. anyone A is definitely charged for an international call up from country X to country Sumado a. call cost reduction is considered from two perspectives. The first: producing change in facilities of mobile network owner. The second: considering efficient factor in subscriber side call cost. The factor that afflicted call expense, send/receive SMS or MMS cost of reader side include the following: day time of week (weekdays or weekends), time of day (peak or perhaps off-peak), special attractions such as lower price in call up cost as a result of new year's event, position like lower price if get in touch with is made from unique locations or discount in roaming cost in some countries, membership in group, kind of SIM card (pre-paid or post paid), recharge option of SIM...