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Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. is known as a private limited company that located for Seri Iskandar. Bahulu Warisan expects to catch the interest of a frequent royal consumer bottom with our selection of bahulu. The company produces Bahulu Cermai, Bujur and Mawar. Our company ideas to build a strong market position in Perak. Our company should offer the merchandise at a competitive price to meet the necessity of the customer in market area occupants, tourist employees, student, and individual. We must make credit with Bank Islam around RM 42705 to run the business enterprise and we add our own equity contribution of each partner around RM 5000 and above.

Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd can be incorporated in Perak and managed by five directors. General Director that is can be Ikhwan Syafiq bin Zainuddin General Supervisor is liable to control total business. Management department is definitely directed by simply Dzulhairi bin Ismail that is responsible to control company's firm and ensure the management circulation is in order. Our company intends to hire 23 workers to take care of day to day procedures. The representative of operation department is usually Mohd Izzad Emir bin Azizi. This individual has responsibility to monitors all the procedure in ensuring all the proposed works will be run efficiently. The overseer of marketing section is Hazwan Azizi bin Hashim. This individual has to in charge all the promoting plan. The director of financial department is definitely Ahmad Ezmin Aizat bi Md Yusof. He must make sure the economic of this organization is always secure and control the cash circulation.

Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. wants proven large frequent customer base and may concentrate the business and advertising on regional resident, which is the major target market. In addition , tourist, working people, learners, and individual is likely to comprise in rest income. High visibility and competitive product is critical for capturing the segment of marketplace. The monetary source must be implemented successfully in order to create the task. Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. was established based upon customer need on Bahulu. Besides that, we also introduce new concept, which is drive truth so that it can help you a customer amount of time in the future if perhaps our business run very well. We as well displays the product not merely drive truth. Base on that, Bahulu Warisan began. In this strategy, we have carried out to plan the right way to manage the new business venture.


In this business plan we have discuss to manufacture a product that is Bahulu. The form of the business is partnership. The business enterprise partner with this business since Ikhwan Syafiq bin Zainuddin General D?ner, his secretary Amirul Arif bin Mohd Zamal Abidin. Hazwan Azizi as a Marketing Manager, Mohd Izzad Emir as surgery Manger, is definitely Dzulhairi rubbish bin Ismail being a Administrative Supervisor, and Ahmad Ezmin Aizat bin Maryland Yusof like a Financial Supervisor. We have hired a building at Seri Iskandar to run our organization. The name of the business is Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. This store or perhaps business will be located by:




This business will be started at thirty-one December 2013. This date is agreed by all the partnership in this company and may officially available at that certain date. The company aims to supply the products at a competitive price in order to meet demand from the customer in market location residents, visitor, working people, pupil, and specific. Our upcoming prospects is definitely the Bahulu Warisan Sdn. Bhd. will be renowned in Perak and Malaysia. If this kind of business may retrieve more cash, we will export each of our product on to make this famous among the list of other country. Next is usually open the companies branch all over Malaysia. Las however, not least, our company wants to make a variety of Bahulu from to let all the resident make it as an usual food eat. The factors in selecting the proposed business are to ensure the product will probably be famous among the list of people in Malaysia. It is additionally to fulfill the...