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December 12, 2006



Christa Lavey

Today more than ever it is essential for America's young years to attend college or university and be given a degree in order to be successful. Yet , rising rates in educational costs and other expenses have place substantial financial strain on parents aiming to pay for the constantly increasing costs of college. It sets even more stress on students who will need to pay back gigantic student loans as soon as they graduate. Among the added expenditures that a student will deal with is that of university textbooks. To supply all college students with the same opportunity to make use of the material necessary for their classes, I propose to build up a way to reduce the cost of ebooks for students on our campus. This proposal entails using the the majority of cost notion methods to present students with suitable textbooks, increasing teachers awareness of costs, and raising communication between students, educators, and bookstores. Causes of Excessive Present Costs

The cost of college or university textbooks provides an unwelcome and fiscally painful surprise to college college students and their parents. The cost of ebooks has increased simply by nearly one-hundred dollar. 00 annually over the past five years, a lot more than four instances the rate of inflation. For four season universities a student will spend an average of $853. 00 upon texts alone in one yr, approximately one fourth most students' total college tuition costs (1). The substantial prices of new texts and frustration of not being able to sell books back at the end of the semester provides lead many students to simply not purchase them to begin with. Since the earnings margin on college literature for most university bookstores has not increased in nearly the speed of the cost increase, it appears reasonable the fact that problems lie elsewhere. Most of the blame for the rising selling price of college textbooks can be placed for the practices of countless of the books' publishing firms. Today practically 50% of all college program books...

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