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A. Executive Summary3

A1. Company Identification3

A2. Mission in the Company3

A3. Business Goals3

A4. Keys to Success3

B. Business Summary3

B1. Industry History3

B2. Legal Form of Ownership3

B3. Location and Facilities3

B4: Supervision Structure3

B5. Products and Services3

C. Market Analysis3

C1: Target Market3

C2: Market Analysis3

C3: SWOT Analysis3

C4: Competitive Analysis3

M. Market Strategy3

D1: 4Ps. 3

D2: Price List3

D3: Advertising Strategy3

D4: Sales Forecast3

E. Implementation Strategy3

E1. Overall Strategy3

E2. Monitoring Plan3

F. Financial Transactions and Projections3

F1. Expected Profit and Loss Statement3

F2. Predicted Balance Sheet3

G. Monetary Report3

G1. Financial Projections3

G2. Financial Position3

G3. Estimated Capital/Investment Needs3


A. Exec Summary

Triple T Staffing needs is a new staffing organization that is found in the heart of Harrisburg, TX. Multiple T Staffing requirements will provide professional and highly qualified employees on a permanent and temporary basis for businesses in the petrochemical sector. Triple Capital t Staffing can open it is doors on May 1, 2015. Triple Capital t Staffing is a partnership held and managed by friends Tyler and Taylor Teel. At Double T Staffing, Our Mission is always to increase revenue for our clients while featuring them with the highly skilled and qualified persons needed to carry out the job safely and efficiently. All of us aim to be the highest quality supplier of workers throughout the petrochemical industry, through competence, creativity, and integrity. Our commitment to our customers, community, and the environment is the first step toward which Three-way T Staffing was founded.

A1. Company Identity: Identify you’re able to send name and placement. A2. Quest of the Business: Describe the mission from the company. A3. Business Goals: Discuss two business desired goals in support of the company's mission. A4. Keys to Success: Discuss three important factors to success for the organization.

W. Company Overview

Suggested length of 4–6 web pages

B1. Sector History: Explain the history in the industry when the company will certainly operate. B2. Legal Type of Ownership: Recognize the legal form which the company will require. B3. Site and Establishments: Describe the positioning and kind of facilities essential for the company. B4. Management Framework: Describe the management framework, including essential positions and specific responsibilities. B5. Products and Services: Describe these products and solutions offered by the business.

C. Market Evaluation

Suggested period of 3–5 internet pages

C1. Target Market: Describe the point market intended for the company's services and products, including the particular location, demographics, etc . C2. Industry Analysis: Complete a market analysis for the company, which include current tendencies and figures.

C3. SWOT Analysis: Result in a four-square SWOT analysis to get the company when you do the pursuing: a. Identify three talents, three disadvantages, three possibilities, and 3 threats. b. Explain each one of the identified advantages, weaknesses, chances, and threats.

Utilize the four-square template below to identify and explain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your company. S i9000 (Strengths)

1 .

2 .


W (Weaknesses)

1 .

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U (Opportunities)

1 .

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a few.

T (Threats)

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C4. Competitive Analysis: Complete a competitive analysis using Porter's Five Forces no less than one of the industry’s potential opponents. D. Industry Strategy

Advised length of 3–6 pages

D1. 4Ps: Go over each of the four Ps of promoting as they relate with the company's product or service. D2. Cost List: Create a price list for you’re able to send products and services. D3. Promotional Strategy: Develop a marketing strategy which include specific duties, target times, and dependable parties. D4. Sales Prediction: Develop a month-to-month sales outlook for the first season of...

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