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Olivia Albright

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three or more June 2014

Starbucks' Hottest Expansion

When hearing the phrase Starbucks, the last thing you may think regarding is burgers and a bar environment, but that may be all about to change this Summer. Starbucks lately obtained La Boulange, (which is known because of it fruit-laden pastries and different breads), news for a total of $100 million in cash. During the time, Chief Executive Howard Schultz said the purchase was an investment in Starbucks' growing foodstuff business. The new restaurant will certainly feature later on hours, concluding at 10pm each night along with various foodstuff options which includes sandwiches and build-your-own hamburgers, along with a total bar serving- cocktails, beers, and various wines. This is something that we now have never noticed at our local Starbucks' chains. A lot of speculation of Starbucks' needs to expand their menu similar to this has been discussed for years, and after this is finally coming into action.

Although Starbucks is definitely opening La Boulange with a more considerable menu, The first Starbucks places will still be providing their different coffees, lattes, and great baked goods, Starbucks will also lengthen its post-4 p. m. evenings menu to a large number of stores about the country. Many people are excited to find these fresh changes, and are also anticipating whether it will be good or not really. The move is element of an overall tendency by Starbucks to increase beyond its expertise in coffee in to areas such as tea and juice.  The opening pertaining to La Boulange is set intended for Thursday 06 12th 2014.