Organization and Admin Unit 221


eople or so they can contact you

Fax Machine - To deliver faxes

Printer -- To produce documents

Scanner - To scan Papers onto the Computer

Photocopier - To make copies

File Cupboard - To store files

File plastic trays - To keep useful information, forms

Chargers - To charge radios

Computer -- To produce operate


1 . two Describe the various features of different types of office products

Painting tool chair -- To make it easier to roll rounded, move round a table. It also are adjustable for my personal comfort. Product 221 Employ office products

you: Know about several types of office gear and its uses

1 . 1 Recognize different types of gear and their uses

There are many types of office products. The main types found in the majority of offices happen to be:

Chair - To take a seat on

Office - To sit at and rest Laptop Monitor -- pens -- work etc . Also pertaining to storage. Cell phone - To make contact with p

Workplace - It is usually different size or shape depending of office demands. High Tec Telephone - It could be palm free established or just will vary features just like: answering machine, calls upon hold, triptych and match more. High Tec Inkjet printer - It may include all in one functions, just like: scanner -- scan coming from both sides

inkjet printer - produce color, print out both sides, staple, print different sizes and different types. photocopier - copy color, both sides, staple, can be zoomed in/out create high volumes of prints of printouts/copies very quickly

Document Cabinets -- Different size for different office needs, may also be draws and be protected with lock. Data file trays -- Can be the size for storage or good size to get the use in the desc, also could be mounted on walls several paperwork. Computer - Can be with different scale screen, can be adjusted for ergonomic needs. As well could be portable.

1 ) 3 Make clear why several types of equipment are chosen pertaining to tasks

Any equipment I choose will make the task have up as very little as your time as possible so I could fulfill targets and deadlines, as well as the equipment that will help me to complete the job to the best standard. Also not one unit can perform everything, therefore it means I might need various types of business office equipment to complete the job. An example of producing a cartel, I would use my personal computer, printer and laminator.

two: Understand the purpose of following guidelines and health insurance and safety methods

2 . 1 Explain the purpose of following manufacturer's instructions whenever using equipment

The purpose to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions pertaining to the following factors: Failureto accomplish that can invalidate the warranty of the unit – this may be very expensive to your company. The manufacturer knows the likely problemsand sets out the instructions that will help you findthe solution in the swiftest way possible. Following instructions implies that everyone will follow aset procedure. The professional will thenbe able to lift weights what you have done andin whatorder.

2 . two Explain the goal of following organisational instructions whenever using equipment

Failure to follow organisational recommendations can effect damage or injury, and even failure to find the proper result from using the apparatus. It is important that I actually produce my own work to best possible way to meet requirements of the individual who set the task. This displays I'm accountable and I may be relied upon to get points done. I will also needto be aware oforganisationalprocedures relating tosolvingequipment problems. This isbecause they may: set out who I must notify of the issue

give guidance as to that is and is prohibited to take action limit what personnel may carry out

2 . three or more Identify health and safety types of procedures for employing different types of gear

I have to make personally aware of the hazards of any procedure I may accomplish, or any gear I may make use of. In addition I must be aware of personal operating rules, working techniques,...


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