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Managerial work roles in Asia

A great empirical research of Mintzberg's role

ingredients in four Asian countries


Received September 2002

Revised December 2002

Accepted 12 , 2002

Cecil A. L. Pearson

Murdoch University, Murdoch, Perth, Down under, and

Samir R. Chatterjee

Curtin University or college of Technology, Perth, Sydney

Keywords Management roles, Monetary conditions, Nationwide cultures, Asian studies Subjective In an progressively competitive global environment, impacted by a myriad of cultural, economic and technological makes, managerial jobs have, over the past two decades, gone through dramatic change. Indeed, managers around the world will be struggling to redefine all their roles and responsibilities against a background of the classic eight roles of managers espoused by Mintzberg in the 1970s, which were based on study in the US circumstance. Yet these traditional jobs are still generally taught in universities and training applications, and especially all over Asia with the propagate of European business education literature. The relevance of the Mintzberg formulation in the Cookware context was your aim of this four region study. The study reports the value and degree of use of the ten Mintzberg managerial jobs in the contemporary Asian context. The findings suggest although the roles overlap considerably, they may be acted in a very several manner. Significance for the findings within an international marketplace arena happen to be discussed.

Log of Management Development

Volume. 22 No . 8, the year 2003

pp. 694-707

q MCB UP Limited


DOI 10. 1108/02621710310487864


The importance of bureaucratic roles continue to be attract quite a lot of interest. Since the earliest created evidence (provided by the Oriental about 3500 BC), sometime later it was Sun Tzu's Art of War (Griffith, 1963), respected to be the most well-known military treatise of Chinese language classical performs, military strategists, business management and scholars have been completely obsessed with accounts of the tasks and abilities of the managers of those instances (George, 1972; Seagrave, 1995). Later, how the ancient Romans decentralized communications across a vast empire provoked further examination of managerial actions (Wren, 1979). Although the early historical papers provided tiny specific regarding how these managerial roles were performed, greater clarification was to follow by input from the sixteenth century Italian language philosopher Machiavelli, and the distinctive management leaders of the Industrial Revolution from the nineteenth century (Adam Johnson, Karl Marx). Nearly a century later, wider principles and theories were conceptualized by the classical advocates and the individual relationists pertaining to developing knowledge of the evolution of managerial roles. Probably the most influential studies of bureaucratic roles in this more recent The authors would like to thank JMD Co-Editor, Mentor Andrew Kakabadse and a great anonymous reporter for their beneficial comments and guidance.

age was performed by Mintzberg (1973). This individual used a descriptive journal method in Managerial function observing elderly managers at the job and featured ten roles as the important thing to jobs in Asia

understanding the characteristics of managerial work. This individual defined key dimensions of managerial operate three categories:

(1) interpersonal roles (п¬Ѓgurehead, leader, liaison);

(2) educational roles (monitor, disseminator, spokesperson); and 695

(3) decisional roles (entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator).

Despite the wide acknowledgement of Mintzberg's work, inside the Western circumstance, the significance of these roles in Asia can be observed through substitute manifestations. The Mintzberg jobs in Asia are often inlayed in the in-text variables through many proxy server behavior...

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