Bringing hydrocephalus Into the modern world

 Bringing hydrocephalus Into the modern world Essay

Bringing Hydrocephalus into the twenty one century

Walt Little

Kaplan University


The history of hydrocephalus goes back to the time of Hippocrates (he died c. 375) and in many cases further to medieval occasions when physicians presumed that it was due to an extracerebral (sic) build up of drinking water. Surgical evacuation of " light " fluid in hydrocephalic kids was first referred to in detail by simply Abulkassim Approach Zahrawi in 1744 (Aschoff, Kremer, Hashemi & Kunze, 1999). During your time on st. kitts have been many great strides, in research and treatment, it seems like the great pool of knowledge exists not in the medical community, but in the adult remainders of the condition. One can only wonder if this is due, by least partly, to a belief by the medical community it is not a survivable condition. Basically the exact opposite is now the case. With correct medical treatment (done in a regular manner) and LOTS of love and support from your patient's family members, many hydrocephalic children can embark upon to live around normal lives.


The modern era of hydrocephalus exploration began with all the studies of Dandy and Blackfan in 1914 (Greitz, 2007). Even today their operate is considered an unsurpassed contribution toward the understanding of hydrocephalus. While I applaud their job, it has been ninety-nine (99) years since any work of the similar range or caliber has been undertaken and it is starting to show. As one example, when I was created in 1963, I showed the early levels of congenital hydrocephalus and my family was basically advised " have him home to die”. Needless to say, I didn't pass away and have become – actually according to the community medical community – one of the better sources of details in our region when it comes to hydrocephalus. Although I find myself honored to have such differentiation, it's not enough – the medical community – especially pediatricians – need to own that same knowledge and that is my goal in writing this paper.

We. 20-Year drop in the fatality rate for hydrocephalus

Before getting too involved in for what reason hydrocephalus exploration needs to be brought into the modern world, an explanation of the condition is needed. Hydrocephalus is defined as " A problem marked simply by an excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal liquid (CSF) causing dilation from the cerebral ventricles and increased intracranial pressure; (it) may also result in enhancement of the cranium and atrophy of the brain” (Williams, 2006). It can take one of two forms. It is usually either interacting (meaning there is not visible cause of the congestion of CSF) or non-communicating (meaning it results from an abnormal circulation of CSF in and around the mind. It is also called pediatric hydrocephalus since it is generally present from birth. ) (" Stressed system conditions, " 2008). When I was developed in 1963, the life expectations for a kid with this condition was approximately two (2) years as well as the only regarded treatment, keeping of a shunt, was still a relatively new invention. Since that time, shunt surgery has become refined and can almost – depending on the individual patient – be considered a routine process. In an article published in the August june 2006 issue in the Journal of Neurosurgery, Doctor J. They would. Chi, AINSI QUE. Al. stated " Congenital hydrocephalus posseses an estimated inhabitants incidence of 0. a couple of to 0. 8/1, 1000 live births” (Chi, Fullerton & Gupta, 2005). That they credit this to advancements in tactics for CSF shunting; however , they state that info describing fatality from inborn hydrocephalus – or that demonstrate improvements in the mortality rate are scarce. For those not familiar with shunt implantation medical procedures, it consists of making a little incision in both the top of the head and the belly (in the situation of a ventriculo-peritoneal (VP) shunt) to place the shunt which pumps out excess substance from the head (Codman, 2013). To confirm their speculation, the doctors performed an electric search in the National Middle for Well being Statistics death certificate data source to...

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