Boni, Jaci and Mali

 Boni, Jaci and Mali Essay


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Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro (30 Nov 1863 – 10 May 1897)

AndrГ©s BonifacioВ was created in Manila in 1863, the child of a govt official. Once both his parents perished in the 1870's, he remaining school to support his five brothers and sisters. By mid-1880s, he previously become a eager Filipino nationalist. When JosГ© Rizal founded the Confederacion Filipina in 1892, Bonifacio was one of its first people.

After the Spanish arrested Rizal in Come july 1st 1892, Bonifacio decided that the Philippines would only achieve independence through revolution. In July 7, he founded the Katipunan, a key society open to both peasants and the midsection class that employed Masonic rituals to impart an air of sacred mystery. It insinuated itself in to the community simply by setting up common aid communities and education for poor people. By 1896, the Katipunan had more than 30, 1000 members and functioned with the national, provincial, and municipal levels.

Following execution of Rizal in 1896, Bonifacio proclaimed Philippine independence about August 23, 1896. Now, the Spaniards moved against him, driving his air travel to the Marikina mountains, whilst other forces headed by Emilio Propina were more fortunate and won control over a lot of towns. Once Bonifacio tried to rein him in, Aguinaldo ordered him arrested and charged with treason and sedition. He was tried and convicted simply by his adversaries and accomplished on May 10, 1897. Today he is considered to be a countrywide hero from the Philippines.

Emilio Jacinto

Brand: Emilio Jacinto – (December 15, 1875 to 04 16, 1899) Born: December 15, 1875

Father: Mariano Jacinto

Mom: Josefa Dizon

Better Noted: Brain in the Katipunan

Emilio was born in Trozo, Manila on January 15, 1875. When his father, Mariano Jacinto perished, his mother Josefa Dizon, a midwife, had to function harder to compliment his studies. Later, having been forced to experience his uncle, Don Jose Dizon, who...


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