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Oesterreich, T. (1995). Grand rapids Family Nursery HandbookВ[Pm 1541] (pp. 239-242). Author of Article: Lesia Oesterreich, Meters. S. Family members Life File format Specialist Human Development and Family Research Iowa Condition University

This information listed several reasons why an infant or perhaps toddler attacks such as query: infants and toddlers will not always be familiar with difference between gnawing on a toy and biting somebody, teething: infants do not really understand the difference between chewing on a person or a toy, cause and effect: infants and toddlers realize that when they bite someone, they get a noisy scream of protest, interest: biting is actually a quick approach to become the middle of focus - even if it is adverse attention, self-reliance: biting is a powerful approach to control others, imitation: occasionally children observe others attack and decide on it out themselves. Frustration: sometimes, when toddlers can't locate words to express their thoughts, they use hitting, driving, or gnawing at, and tension: biting is one way to express feelings and relieve tension. The article also mentioned ways for the patients parents or caregivers to manage or perhaps handle biting when it occurs, such as reduction and educating new actions. It also pointed out documenting biting by using the Who have What In which When and How Method to pinpoint the problem. Once did the biting occur? Who was engaged? Where achieved it happen? What happened before or after? How was your situation handled? Why Children Bite

EXPLORATIONВ - Newborns and little ones learn by touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting. If you give a child a plaything, one of the first spots it visits is the oral cavity. Tasting or " mouthing" things is usually something that every children perform. Children this kind of age do not always be familiar with difference between gnawing on the toy and biting someone. | TEETHINGВ - Children commence teething throughout the ages of 4 to 7 a few months. Swelling gums can be soft and can cause a great deal of discomfort. Infants...