Bicycle: Revenue and General Impact

 Bicycle: Earnings and Overall Impact Article


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Baldwin Bicycle Firm

by Van Essa on Oct 29, 2012

• 264views


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[pic]Baldwin Bicycle CompanyPresentation Transcript

• 1 . BALDWIN BICYCLECOMPANY2nd Group CaseGroup We: Jake BasaVanessa PabuhatSister Marietta PiaKatrina Pineda


• Baldwin Bike Company (BBC) had been in the industry for almost 40 years developing above average (quality( Ms. Susan Leister, Marketing VP(3. BACKGROUNDBALDWIN BICYCLE BUSINESS: & Current operation of BBC is at 75% of one-shift capacity( Sales made from on their own owned plaything stores and bicycle shops. BBC got never prior to distributed that products through department store organizations of kind of. ( Current annual sales of about US$10million( In 1989, BBC line includes twelve models which range from small beginner's model to 12-speed adult's model(price) bicycles

• Hi-Valu Stores' sales volume has grown to the extent that it was beginning to put " residence brand”/private labeled merchandise to its merchandise lines( Hi-Valu Stores, Incorporation. operates a chain of low cost department stores( Mr. Karl Knott, buyer(4. BACKGROUNDHI-VALU ORGANIZATION

• The proposal is a for any 3-year period, contract can be automatically prolonged on year-on-year basis, with at least 6 months recognize if agreement will not be extended( However , Hi-Valu would agree to take title to any bike that had been...


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