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 Behavior Theory and Narritive Theory In comparison Essay

This paper can compare behavior theory and narrative theory. It will cover the key principles, the practice process, plus the major interventions of each theory. An application of every theory will be included. This paper likewise contains a practice circumstance and a set of illustrations applying both theories for this practice case.

Practice Circumstance Using Behavioral and Story theories

Susanne Langston

University or college of New England


This paper will certainly compare behavior theory and narrative theory. It will cover the key concepts, the practice process, and the major interventions of each theory. An application of each and every theory will probably be included. This paper also contains a practice case and a set of illustrations employing both hypotheses for this practice case.

A Practice Circumstance Using Tendencies Therapy and a Story Approach

My circumstance is a 13 year old male named " Jay. " Jay features experienced depressive disorder since the divorce of his parents. This individual seems to have a lot of hostility as evidenced by his cruelty toward animals which usually started about 6 months following the break up. His dad lives in Pennsylvanian and Jay lives here together with his mother. This individual talks to his dad typically but has stated that he really wants to kill his father and has possibly made dangers to him. His mom seems to be putting Jay in the center of it all, this individual loves his dad yet he really wants to remain devoted to his mother. He can extremely tiny for his age and must take growth hormone shots. This individual has 1 half-brother who is the same age group as his dad. Jay's mother is 20 years over the age of his dad. Jay provides a very hard period controlling his emotions and can often burst out in tears in the classroom. Even with the knowledge with the animal misuse and the threats, Jay comes across as a very gentle and sweet boy. He craves attention and shuts down in the event he will not get it. This individual doesn't like school and is also often very slow to complete tasks essential of him by his teacher. He doesn't see any of his problems to be his mistake, but rather the fault of his father.

Relative Summary

Both behavioral and story theory could work well to get Jay. Behavioral theory works well with children and narrative theory works well with kids who have had trauma. They are really different for the reason that behavioral theory doesn't give attention to the mental aspect of a person but solely on behavior, and narrative theory's focus is usually on the inside (mental) your life story.

Essential Concepts of Behavioral Theory

Relating to Walsh (2010), the important thing concepts of behavior theory are based on what a person does that can be noticed. This includes the actual person really does, thinks, and even feels, whether it observed. Mental activity is targeted on less than behavior since it cannot be seen. Assessments should focus on visible events. Persons naturally seek out pleasure and try to avoid discomfort. People are frequently likely to react in ways that produce motivating responses. The way in which people act is based on their very own learning, by simply watching how others act, and by feedback from their environment. The behavior must be defined when it comes to measurement in order for a change to happen. Intervention focuses on reinforcements or perhaps punishment for the behavior. The moment explaining the behavior is it far better to use the easiest terms likely.

Key Concepts of a Story Approach

According to Walsh (2010), the key concepts of story theory are as follows. People's lives are molded by their tales and their reports are designed by their lives. The story theory features to accounts the impact that relationships include with other folks but surprisingly it ignores the concept of devices. The story theory differs from other theories in that other folks theories maintain that no matter simply how much a person changes they can be still their particular " do it yourself. ” Narrative theory shows that a person is within a " being”...