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" The greatness of it is that nobody require wait just one moment before beginning to improve the earth. ”� ― Anne Frank

tags:  activism,  life,  optimism,  philosophy,  world

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" It's really a speculate that I haven't dropped all my ideals, since they appear so silly and extremely hard to carry out. Yet I bear them, because inspite of everything, We still think that people are excellent at heart. ”� ― Anne Outspoken,  The Record of a Fresh Girl

tags:  hope,  human-nature

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" Think about all the natural beauty still left who are around you and be content. ”� ― Anne Frank

tags:  anne,  beauty,  frank,  happy

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" I am able to shake off everything as I publish; my heartaches disappear, my personal courage is definitely reborn. ”� ― Anne Honest

tags:  writing

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" Father and mother can only provide good advice or perhaps put them on the right paths, however the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands. ”� ― Anne Frank

tags:  growing-up,  innocence,  inspirational,  parenting,  personal-responsibility,  right-of-passage,  self-determination,  self-responsibility 1, 316 people loved it


" Mainly because paper has more patience than people. ”�

― Anne Frank

tags:  affirming,  inspirational,  uplifting

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" My spouse and i don't think of all misery, although of the magnificence that still remains. ”� ― Anne Frank,  The Diary of a Young Girl

tags:  beauty,  hope,  inspirational,  joy

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" No one has ever become poor by giving. ”�

― Anne Outspoken,  diary of Anne Frank

tags:  charity,  compassion,  helping-others,  kindness

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" The best fix for those who are frightened, lonely or unhappy is usually to go outside the house, somewhere where they can be quite alone while using heavens, characteristics and Goodness. Because only then simply does a single feel that most is as it should be and that The almighty wishes to determine people content, amidst the easy beauty of nature. While longs since this is out there, and that certainly always will, I am aware that in that case there will always be convenience for every sorrow, whatever the instances may be. And I firmly believe nature delivers solace in every troubles. ”� ― Anne Honest,  The Diary of a Fresh Girl

tags:  nature

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" Whomever is happy will make other folks happy. ”�

― Anne Frank,  The Journal of a Fresh Girl

tags:  happiness

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" Look at how a one candle can easily both defy and determine the darkness. ”� ― Anne Frank

tags:  candle,  darkness,  illumination

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" Persons can tell one to keep your mouth shut, yet that doesn't prevent you having your very own opinion. ”� ― Anne Frank,  The Journal of a Small Girl

tags:  independent-thought,  opinions

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" I don't want to have occupied vain like most people. I want to become useful or bring pleasure to all persons, even those I've never met. I wish to go on living even following my death! ”� ― Anne Frank

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" In the long run, the sharpest weapon coming from all is a kind and gentle nature. ”� ― Anne Frank,  The Diary of Anne Frank

tags:  inspirational

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" Where there's hope, will be certainly life. That fills us with refreshing courage and makes us good again. ”� ― Anne Outspoken,  The Journal of a Small Girl: The Definitive Edition 430 people liked that


" In spite of every thing, I continue to believe that folks are really good at heart. ”� ― Anne Frank

tags:  humanity

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" Many of us live with the objective of being content; our lives are different and yet the same. ”� ― Anne Frank

tags:  happiness,  literature

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" Though I'm only fourteen, I know quite well what I want, I understand who is right and who may be wrong. I've my views, my own tips and concepts, and though it may appear pretty mad from a teenager, I feel mare like a person when compared to a child, I find myself quite indepedent of any individual. ”� ― Anne Frank,  The Diary of Anne Frank...


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