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1. Based on your view of the objectives of performance analysis, evaluate the viewpoints about performance appraisal offered by the managers. I believe that every manager views performance evaluation as portion a different purpose. Lynn, incorporates politics in her evaluation and does not score basic done today, she incorporates that it will land on the employees long lasting record. In addition, she inflated scores to make a worker feel better about an individual issue. Maximum admits that accuracy isn't very important to him and that he used it to motivate and incentive his personnel. Jim states that he gives bigger scores if perhaps someone only starts working better to maintain him functioning better. Since they all will vary views on the right way to score reviews, it takes from their performance. A credit score of a 6 from one director may have been an additional manager's credit score of 3. There should be a specific rubric and data collected the score demonstrates appropriately of course, if any supervisor evaluates the employee they would get the same score. 2 . Within your opinion, by what level does " fine-tuning” assessments become unacceptable distortion? I believe that almost any fine-tuning is definitely an unacceptable distortion. Imagine if an employee has a score of 5. 5. If 1 manager good tunes right down to a your five and another fine songs up to a six, then they are two separate scores for the same evaluation. That is why I believe that every one of the managers need to add up, decide on some basic requirements and scoring systems for reviews. This way a manager like Tom refuses to have to inquire about the difference between a 5 to 6 and boosting scores refuses to occur. 3. Assume you are the vp of recruiting at Eckel Industries and that you are aware that fine-tuning reviews is a common practice amongst Eckel managers. If you differ with this perspective, what steps might you take to reduce the practice? I think that the easiest way to reduce fine tuning is to build a new and improved...