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Avis is a Australian greatest car rental organization, with 33% market share over the nation's airports, employing one thousand staffs in 240 locations (Super brands 2009). The corporation entered Aussie market in 1955, initially only had a market share of just 10- 11% from the car rental marketplace. In 1962 Robert Townsend joined since President of Avis and introduced a bold advertising campaign focusing on you’re able to send customer service: " We're No . 2 . We all try harder! ”. The message, as well as its actual rendering of excellent customer service, were big factors contributing to Avis's achievement in getting more marketplace power (Bob Ansett 2008)

Avis is part of the Avis Budget Group which operates two of the most recognized brands Avis and Budget, targeting the travel industry high quality commercial and leisure segments and cost conscious part respectively. Both brands reap the benefits of sharing precisely the same fleet, protection facilities, devices, technology and administrative system. Avis and Budget equally enjoy complementary demand patterns with weekday commercial demand balanced by simply weekend leisure time demand. (Avis Budget Group 2009)


Rental cars operates in a setting that is related and complementary to various other sectors including casinos, car rental agencies, resorts and tour guides. The majority of car rental companies are small enterprises and the five largest companies are Avis, Hertz, Budget, Europcar and Cash conscious. With fifty-five, 000 rental vehicles were registered across Australia, the motor vehicle hiring industry is highly competitive market, but is likewise highly focused with The Big 5 are the cause of 75 percent of business turnover inside the sector (ACCC 2005).

In 2004 there was clearly a case of price fixing in the car leasing industry. Significant fines handed out to companies involved in the affiliation that fixed prices for starters way car rentals between Alice Springs and Ayres Rock. The penalties and costs in that case totaled $1. five million (ACCC 2004), which usually indeed sent a clear communication to the market. During this economical down convert, the industry has been terribly affected by weak demand (The Age 2009). Both corporate and business and travel and leisure market activities reduce. In addition, car rental companies have previously relied at risk of credit rating to turnover their vehicle stock, nevertheless such credit is no longer found in this economic crisis. Companies LinhThuy Vu s2113253 Page three or more

such as Hertz and Menace have good lines of credit as they are ahead of the game compared to various smaller workers who will still struggle to acquire financing and fall off the charts (Making Existence Ezy Researching the market 2009). Really an opportunity to get the big rental cars companies to grab businesses coming from those failing in the hard market. ANALYSIS OF AVIS'S PRICING APPROACHES


An inquiry on Avis booking website shows that daily rate for a 30 day hire is considerably cheaper than daily level for short-run rental. The base rate to get an Economy Hyundai Getz 3 Door is $31/day if hired for 30 days, but the level for the same car for 1 week is $39/day, and goes up to $58/day if rented for one day only (Avis Australia 2009). The rental fee daily is reduced to almost half in the event the number of hire days rises to 30 day. Further exploration confirms it is a common practice in the car rental industry to price discriminates based on volume of rental days and nights (Bureau of Transport and Communications Economics 1988).

Amount price discrimination, also known as second degree discrimination, is a costs strategy that varies selling price according to quantity distributed (Perloff 2009). This has to be clearly distinguished with price cut on quantity when the decrease sale cost is due to the decreased marginal expense, for example inexpensive sells large quantity at reduce unit selling price because they will save on selling setup and marketing expense. The little cost of rental a car may be the same for Avis irrespective of number of rental days. Amount price splendour...