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 Evaluating a Wesite Essay

Evaluating an online site for Believability: Mayo Medical center

Chamberlain College or university of Breastfeeding

NR500: Foundational Concepts and Applications

Summer time 2014

Evaluating a Website pertaining to Credibility: Mayonaise Clinic

In this paper, I possess chosen a health-related internet site and evaluated its credibility. The search engine used to locate the domain, mayoclinic. org, was Google. The particular web address can be http://mayoclinic.org. Mayo Clinic can be described as healthcare corporation centered on individual care. It includes locations in Arizona, California, and Minnesota. Mayoclinic. org is a web page based in the organization, Mayonaise Clinic, which offers a wealth of health-related information on treatments, occupational health, health promotion, and disease management. The goal of mayoclinic. org is to educate and provide medical resources towards the general public older than eighteen years of age and medical experts through several types of literature and retail techniques. It also presents convenient solutions to patients and potential patients of Mayo Medical clinic, such as organizing appointments and contact information for various departments within the organization (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Like a nurse, My spouse and i am always looking for trustworthy websites that we can mail my people to collect information about health. The Mayo Clinic is so popular in the healthcare world. Consequently , the credibility of mayoclinic. org was evaluated using the criteria: authority, information, objectivity, ease of course-plotting, and privacy and reliability policies (Chamberlain College of Nursing [CCN], 2014). Evaluation Standards


The specialist of a website refers to the qualifications with the author or authors of the site (CCN, 2014). The credentials of the author(s) and/or editor(s) should be examined (Orlowski, Oermann, & Shaw-Kokot, 2013). On the site, mayoclinic. org, the knowledge that is added to the website pages come from a plethora of medical publishers. The editing staff includes: a medical director, elderly medical editors, a...

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