APUSH Chapter three or more America inside the British Empire

 APUSH Phase 3 America in the Uk empire Essay

Following the Glorious Revolution of 1688, Great britain:

-tightened imperial controls over her American empire.

Due to the Molasses Act of 1733:

-many of New England's largest retailers and distillers resorted to smuggling. The underlying cause of the Seven Years' Warfare in America was your: -English imperialiste penetration with the Ohio Valley.

The turning point of the Eight Years' Conflict in America happened when: -English Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) William Pitt threw his nation's total military may possibly into the American campaign. The British Proclamation of 1763:

-ordered imperialiste governors to reserve countries west from the Appalachian Mountains for Of india nations. The end of the Eight Years' Warfare left the American colonies:

-debt-ridden and weakened in manpower.

Colonists protested the Stamp Act in all with the following methods EXCEPT: -a Declaration of Independence.

Passageway of the Declaratory Act simply by Parliament:

-asserted Parliament's capacity to enact laws and regulations for the colonies in " all cases in any way. " As a result of the Townshend duties of 1767, Legislative house:

-raised persuits duties on American imports of paper, lead, fresh paint, and tea. The Boston Massacre, by which five townspeople were murdered by British redcoats: -convinced Governor Hutchinson to buy British troops out of town. People in america objected towards the Tea Action of 1773 because it would:

-cause smuggled Dutch tea to be undersold.

The Intolerable Acts presented to all of the subsequent EXCEPT the: -individual treatment of individuals in the Boston Tea Get together. The call to get the getting together with of a Ls Congress in 1774 came in response to the: -Intolerable Acts.

Even before the other Continental Congress assembled in-may 1775, most colonies had created extralegal, revolutionary government authorities which: -bullied merchants and shopkeepers to conform to exclusion.

-levied fees.

-operated the courts.

-created and informed militia devices.

The ideology of innovative republicanism:

-borrowed ideas by a variety of past Whig and Enlightenment...


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