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Head Prefect __________,



Special ___________,


The reason We am composing this page is to sign up for the post of ‘Ketua Kumpulan'. I am applying for this post mainly because I truly are interested in this because I would like to help guide the younger prefects to have a better attitude and I want to help them to carry out their work as well as possible. I should also help them lead the future, young, prefects.

installment payments on your In the year 2008, I placed on be a prefect and eventhough I wasn't the best, I obtained the job. We continued my duties like a junior prefect for the rest of the entire year. I was provided the content of AJK Disiplin to get the evening session prefectorial board. I really believe that, employing my experience being an AJK Disiplin, I can be a better leader. I possess done wrongs during my amount of time in the afternoon session prefectorial board yet I have as taken my personal job seriously and I frequently try my best to increase myself. I have already been a prefect for almost 5 years right now and I wish for the prefectorial board if they are to get better and better which is why I have to guide the young prefects as the best they can be and avoid conditions like the types I had during my years inside the afternoon program.

3. I would like to thank you for taking into consideration me through this matter and I appreciate the time you've delivered to read this.

Yours truly,


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