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 Ap Lighted Essay 2010 Question one particular Overview


This question asked college students to read carefully a poem by Marilyn Nelson Waniek entitled " The 100 years Quilt” and also to write a great essay studying how Waniek employs fictional techniques to develop the intricate meanings ascribed by the speaker to the quilt. The fast mentioned composition, imagery and tone while examples of the poet's techniques.

Having its phrasing, problem was meant to lead learners to consider complexities in the quilt's connotations for the speaker. Even though a bedcovering may generally be viewed as warm and comforting, the prompt advised students to look for other measurements of which means: the speaker's identity as shaped and expressed within a family of multiple colors; the strength of the past, of imagination and of dreams to create the future; plus the links between generations. The prompt asked students to consider the way the poet makes these multiple meanings with the use of literary factors, intending to check their skills to articulate the connections between approach and which means.

Test: 1A

Score: six

Seen as sentence variety and order of the elements of writing, this kind of insightful response begins with an economical introduction that changes the quick and email lists techniques to become analyzed. Following two phrases we know something about the nature of the poem (" a attractively structured meditation”), something about their meaning (" the importance from the history in back of a quilt”), and something about each strategy under consideration. Including structural worries with the poem's " story and personal top quality, ” the first physique paragraph offers a mature discourse on how the music of Waniek's poem delivers meaning: having less rhyme and meter add up to " a narrative and private quality”; " the break after ‘myself' implies careful consideration. ” The third paragraph sustains the essay's effectiveness by addressing the value of color: " In questioning what she would desire sleeping under it, the lady imagines the quilt will...