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 Answer and Discussion Board Composition

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Course Data & Class Review

This project gives you a way to explore the virtual class room and assessment the material of the UNIV 103 program information because you prepare for this amazing learning experience. Please solution the concerns below depending on the UNIV 103 study course information.

1 . What is the identity of your on-line textbook and where could it be found within the classroom? Answer: Student Success by the Content Board in fact it is found on the bookshelf

2 . How many Live Chats will your teacher be holding each week? Response: at least two live chat sessions weekly

3. Are the Live Chats recorded to your review whenever during the week? Answer: Certainly the live chats will be recorded and so any student can renew the information

4. Is there a Select few assignment through this course?

Answer: yes there is a small group of us college students

5. How many Message board posts altogether, will need to be manufactured each week? (including your Main Post) Answer: In total you have to place 1 content and two replies to other blogposts

6. If you decide to submit the Discussion Board Main Post to the Discussion Carefully thread area, or perhaps submit this to the " Submit Assignments” area? Response: you content in the main panel area high is a great icon lets you post

several. Where do you really submit your own personal Project every week?

Solution: the Unit 1 Individual Project submissions part of the classroom

almost eight. Who are definitely the authors of the online book?

Response: The Content Board

on the lookout for. Submitting another person's work as their own is named what? Answer: plagerism or cheating

twelve. In addition to calling the instructor's workplace phone #, or e-mailing your instructor, what is yet another way you can speak with your instructor during the week? Answer: you can instant communication your teachers

eleven. What are your instructor's Office Several hours?

Response: 9 a. m. - 5 s. m. mon - comes to an end

12. Exactly where are all of your weekly job directions located? Answer:...


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