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 Annotated Bibliography Essay

Tayla Roberts Jones 1

Ahn, Summer. " The result of Social Network Sites on Adolescents' Social and Academic Creation: Current Ideas and Controversies. " Diary of the American Society for facts Science and Technology.  62. 8 (2011): 1435-445. Net.

In this article, the author examines the reality behind the controversies based around teens and their engagement in online community. She targets scientific studies rather than casual theories and strategies. The article " reviews relevant research that informs a lot of controversies relating to social networking sites and adolescents” (June, 1435). It seems that social networking has a bad impact on adolescents, allowing things like cyberbullying to take place when it was never available as a issue in the past. O'Keeffe, Gwenn H. " The effect of Social networking on Kids, Adolescents, and Families. "  Official Diary of the American Academy of Pediatrics127 (2011): 800-04. Internet.

In this article, Gwenn S. O'Keeffe examines the positive and adverse uses and effects of the utilization of social media websites by teenagers and tweens in America. The " great things about children and adolescents using social media” that the article lists happen to be socialization and communication, increased learning chances, and interacting with health information. The " dangers of junior using sociable media” will be cyberbullying, on the web harassment, sexting, and Facebook or myspace Depression. Overall, she recognizes social networking websites being a potentially useful gizmo for tweens and teenagers to use, nevertheless recognizes that most of them are not using them inside the useful way she has at heart.

Williams 2

Xue, Lan. " China: The Prizes and Pitfalls of Progress. ” Everything's an Argument. ” Impotence. Stephen Patterson. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2005. 389-394. Print out.

China is beginning to conduct more scientific research than in the past. While there will be more opportunities to get ideas and innovation, the management of those ideas is quite difficult. Mcdougal, Lan Xue,...