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 All Silent on the American Front. Composition

In " All Peaceful on the American Front, ” Remarque employs a group of fresh soldiers through the horrors of WWI. Remarque presents the soldiers' knowledge as a very traumatic knowledge by revealing how the war has changed and damaged the ones who survive. The fact that everybody in the group dies by the end of the story shows the real nature of war and its particular effects. Through Paul's eyes, the war is proven as a damaging force which in turn steals householder's youth and innocence, turns them in to instinct-driven pets and makes that impossible to get the lost generation to reintegrate in the society. Throughout the story, Paul repeatedly observes that getting in the warfare has considered a great emotional toll on him plus the others. The war has the strength to strip young gents youth and turn them in to old souls overnight. Additionally, it has the unfavorable effect of doing damage to people's chasteness and turning them in to calloused and insensitive beings. Even though Paul and his close friends were classmates and extremely close, when Kemmerich dies, they are tempted to take his boot styles because the the truth is survival. The simple fact that Muller is " delighted whenever he them, ” (19) and talking about obtaining the boots could Kemmerich is usually dead displays the lack of feelings that has conquered the soldiers' souls. After, when Paul kills french soldier in close fight, he feels that this individual has shed his spirit and that he has become numb towards the feelings of pain and remorse. His transformation is complete and can never retrieve again. Along with the idea of soul-numbing experiences comes the idea that warfare reduces one's humanity and increases his animalistic tendencies. During combat, the soldiers do not have a chance to think although simply behave in order to endure. Paul notices that the more he consumes in the battle, the better he gets at re-acting during a crisis. By comparison, the newcomers are unprepared for war since their creature instincts have not been lustrous enough if it is in the battle. Paul says people were most...