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Dow Chemical

The Dow Chemical Company was set up in 1947. The company sells and produces plastic materials, agricultural products and services, advanced components, chemicals and other specialized products. The company connects innovation and chemistry to help address many of the world's the majority of challenging concerns such as the need for clean water, renewable energy technology conservation. The company delivers a whole lot of technology-based products to customers in about 160 different countries in large growth groups. Examples of all those sectors happen to be: energy, agriculture, coatings, electronics and drinking water. In 2009 the company had about 52. 000 employed persons all over the world and the annual sales of that yr were $44. 9 billion. The principal office buildings of the organization are located by 2030 Dow Center in Michigan. The corporation also has its very own website. All their Internet site is usually: www.dow.com. AkzoNobel

Akzo and Nobel had been two several companies. All those to corporations emerged and became AkzoNobel. They are now one of the world's leading professional companies. The company is energetic in Functionality Coatings, Specialized Chemicals and Decorative paints. AkzoNobel was set up in 12 months 1777. AkzoNobel is based inside the Netherlands in Amsterdam. They provide coatings, unique chemicals and paints. In 2009 AkzoNobel experienced about 54. 000 employees active inside their company who also are operating out of approximately eighty different countries. In that yr their income was about € 13. zero billion. The corporation things about the near future but they work in the present. Among the think that they wish to do in the foreseeable future is present new concepts and develop sustainable answers for their buyers. External Examination

Chemical Marketplace

The information on the biggest companies in the chemical market have Akzo and Dow Chemicals equally situated in their particular top 12-15 companies. Additional notable companies are BASF, SABIC, DuPont, Mitsubishi Chemical. An additional Dutch organization DSM is usually in the best rankings. BASF, which is located in Germany has the largest discuss and Dow is in close second with sales exceeding beyond 44 billion dollar. Akzo generated near 14 billion (13, 9) dollars last year. The chemical substance market is stuffed with numerous companies, due to the a large number of products are involved in the chemical substance industry. For the majority of of the corporations their substance business units are generally not their key units however in the case to get Akzo and Dow Chemical compounds it is all their main organization unit. The past year a downturn swept over The european union. Dropping revenue in many industrial sectors and thus as well in the substance industry. Ukrain, the Baltics and the Nordic countries were among the market segments that experienced the most throughout the period. Dow Chemicals and AkzoNobel did lose sales duing this period but they would not lose revenue. AkzoNobel got already changed into a cost-cutting mode last year and those activities increased their particular profit during a time in which the revenues dropped. Dow Chemical substances products line is so various and in somany markets that any demise in a market will be corrected by even more profit in another market. Dow Chemicals is additionally busy producing their dailly operations more effective.

AkzoNobel's DESTEP


Demographics happen to be dealing with thickness and division of a human population.


AkzoNobel can be experiencing a worldwide and economic crisis since the 1930s of the overdue 1920's and 1930. Firms all over the world need to face tremendous challenges for the markets they may be active on because of the economic crisis. Many organisations are battling to remain competitive as the recession becomes worse. AkzoNobel's goal is to come up an even more robust company. Employees that are employed in this company confirmed spirit and commitment to make sure...



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