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 Marketing Example on Starbucks Coffee Essay

MKT 421 - Advertising (Plan) Mgmt Student: GalVal

Instructor: Mr Tom WallSection #: _25___

Assignment #2: Actual Example - Starbucks Coffee

1 . The main or perhaps primary product that Starbuck's sells or perhaps distributes is usually coffee drinks but , relating to this document or organization analysis,

in addition, it now provides a whole distinctive line of complementary items - coming from

sandwiches to CD's! However essentially, Starbucks product was the de-

velopment of the best, out of home (OOH) coffee-drinking

encounter; also referred to as the " third place" that the com-

pany's chairman, Howard Schultz, thought as a spot among home

and work wherever people are capable to go for a few personal " down-

time" or just to relax and celebration with close friends or like-minded

business associates.

installment payments on your The target marketplace for this merchandise, from the things i was able to collect

from this case study or summarize is guy and female caffeine drinkers, mainly those who are in a more city area, involving the ages of 25 and 60+, who may have the interest and disposable cash flow

to purchase these kind of specialty drinks, foods and ancillary

goods (especially the ones that Starbucks 'features' each month)

3. The competitive positive aspects that McDonald's has had when

competing with Starbucks intended for coffee sales would be factors or

talents such as:

• the ability to modify or increase a decent item into a great

one particular (McD's standard- blend of clean, ground coffee);

• an already well-liked, if not familiar, sandwich and bakery menu;

• a sizable, untapped or perhaps unexposed coffee-drinking segment that was

willing or able to try specialty capuccinos for the first time, since now

they were accessible and affordable;

• a huge, loyal bottom of main customers who are almost always will-

ing to sample McDonald's " latest & greatest" menu offerings;

• thousands of existing locations (this is referring only to the North

American market) that only needed minor...