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International Fainting Goat Association

accuRegister IFGA

1039 State Path 168

Darlington, PA 16115

Rules of Registration

The subsequent Rules of Registration are made to make certain most animals will be registered relative to the guidelines while set forth by the International Fainting Goat Connection (IFGA). In the event after looking over this information you may have any queries please speak to the Panel of Company directors.

1 ) Herd Prefix – Every animals must be registered while using herd word of the owner at the time of delivery. If you obtain an animal that was not recently registered you need to use the word of the owner at the time of beginning. This owner must indication the application supplying their documentation to use all their prefix. If the owner in the time birth has no herd word you should use their last name while the prefix and again you must have their particular signed authorization.

Born the house of ________________________________________ SignatureIFGA Memb No

Should you not know the owner at time of birth or perhaps cannot get yourself a signed documentation you may work with your personal prefix and should sign the application form as:

Located goat bought by ____________________________________

SignatureIFGA Memb No

installment payments on your Categories of Enrollment – Almost all animals has to be registered with the following types based upon the needs listed.

2 . aCertified Superior - This category is for most animals that readily weak and fall down in a Myotonic state. This must be noted by photograph. Both the maest? and dam must be registered with the IFGA or another computer registry. See information below intended for photograph requirements.

installment payments on your bPremium – This category is for all animals that easily faint and fall down in a Myotonic express. This category does not require a straight down photo but both the maest? and dam must be authorized with the IFGA. We do not agree to pedigree info from other departments for this category because a down photo is usually not required. Find information under for photograph requirements.

2 . cRegular – Its kind is for virtually any doe it does not readily faint but is wooden-legged. What this means is the animals back hip and legs stiffen nevertheless they do not fall down in a Myotonic state. In the event that after being registered in the Regular category you are able to get the " down” photo the pet may be enhanced to the Qualified Premium category provided the lineage requirements are attained as outlined in 2 . a previously mentioned. If the family tree requirements are certainly not met the pet will be improved to the History category. Money cannot be authorized in this category.

Effective January 1, 08, the rules just for this category have already been amended to require a picture of the animal in a stiff-legged position.

2 . dHeritage – Its kind is for almost all animals that readily weak and slip in a Myotonic state but their dam and sire aren't registered while using IFGA yet another registry. The faint location must be recorded by photo as explained below.

3. Heritage Category

Animals shown for enrollment whose sire and atteinte are not signed up will be regarded as for sign up in the Historical past category.

If you register an animal inside the Heritage category all children of this pet will be deemed for subscription in the Authorized Premium or perhaps Premium category as long as rules of that category are attained.

4. Type Standard (Conformation)

Every animals provided for sign up must meet the breed requirements as described elsewhere on the internet site. Dollars who display more than two symmetrical and non-functional teats are not qualified to receive registration. Though does who display much more than two teats or teat scurs are eligible for sign up, this is considered a fault generally in most show bands and is some thing you may not want to propagate. We recommend that any animal possessing this genetic problems not always be registered or...