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 Accountancy Dissertation

ResearchersWorld-Journal of Arts, Science & Commerce

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Amelia Meters. Arganda,

Faculty/Dean, College of Business and Entrepreneurial Technology Rizal Technical University, Excedent Avenue, Mandaluyog City, Israel. Rodolfo L. Ducut,

Ester C. Andal,

Faculty/Dept. Brain, College of Business

and Entrepreneurial Technology

Rizal Technological University, Benefice

Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Korea.

Faculty, College or university of Organization and

Pioneeringup-and-coming Technology

Rizal Technological School, Boni Garottere.,

Mandaluyong Metropolis, Philippines.


In the University of Business and Pioneeringup-and-coming Technology of the Rizal Scientific University, a lot of student people would like to take the Accountancy training course. Of those who had been given the chance, however , only about forty percent (40%) could qualify, come to the sixth level, and allowed to take the Certified Public Accountant Tests, At the start, that is certainly, during their first and second year, these students include good academics performance. On the way, however , that they failed to make it due to some concerns they attained and afflicted their studies. It is on this factor that this study was carried out. It was executed to identify the issues met by the students which will affect all their studies and tried to determine the measures which may resolve or reduce the problems and finally helping them to graduate while using course Bachelors of Research in Accountancy, take the CPA Board Tests and become Certified Public Accountant. The study which made use of the descriptive research method is incredibly significant for the students, Rizal Technological School Administration, School of Organization and Pioneeringup-and-coming Technology Professors, parents as well as to the community. It had been undertaken in both Mandaluyong City and Pasig City campuses. The topics of the research were the second year accountancy students many whom are female, 18 to 18 years of age with family members income of P10, 500 and listed below per month and a lot of the participants belonged to family of four (4) to 6 (6) users.

Keywords: Accounting; Accounting Profession; Accounting Profession, Performance.

Worldwide Refereed Study Journal ■■Vol. –V, Issue–2, Apr 2014 [93]

ResearchersWorld-Journal of Arts, Technology & Trade

в– E-ISSN2229-4686 в– ISSN2231-4172


The faculty of Business and Gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming Technology has its Accountancy Program in both equally Pasig and Boni campuses. Few years back, however , the accountancy program in Pasig grounds was phased down due to lack of establishments. It was receiving students to the 1st yr only, that may be, Accounting one particular & a couple of and Accounting 3 & 4. And after that, students whose grades passed were allowed to take the being approved examinations pertaining to Accountancy correct. Those who would not qualify were advised to transfer to a new business course of their next choice. Individuals who qualified had been transferred to Benefice Campus to stay their program, But just the same in the two campuses not every BSA students who were acknowledged in the program survived the course. For each and every level, being approved examinations received, very few include passed and reached the next stage. Of those who were given the chance to take the course, only about 40 percent (40%) reached the fifth season level and allowed to take the CPA Panel Examinations. This problem which is often met by Accountancy Office prompted the researchers to analyze the needs and complications of the second year accountancy students which in turn somehow affect their studies. By identifying the problems, the school, parents, plus the student themselves, can take steps to lessen the issues. Minimizing the issues may result into a better quantity of Accountancy pupils who may reach the fifth year level and finally pass the CPA...

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