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In the past there was a lot more open space for playing for children and playgrounds had been aplenty. It was a time once there was lowest construction work and towns and urban centers did not undergo for want of fresh air. The air was unpolluted because vehicles jogging on the road were far less than now. There were no toxic vapor allow into the atmosphere as today, as industrial facilities were less before. Persons could lay on the pails of their houses and enjoy great breeze, chitВ­chatting. It was a time of leisure and streets were padded with substantial trees. Pavements were shady and it had been a great pleasure to take a walk in night time or early morning. Now most of the places happen to be congested with individuals and locomotives and vehicles are populated. Fresh air which in turn rejuvenates the tired persons is unusual and so people have to go to the place where there is usually pleasant breeze. They have to navigate to the beach, if there is a beach front or to the public parks, that have tall trees and shrubs with unsteadiness branches of thick leaves and plant life in which a great deal of flowers full bloom. Children comes and perform some game titles there. Adults who accompany their children take pleasure in the surroundings. Particularly in the evenings the population parks best source of delight to the kids and the adults. Those living near the leisure areas can bring youngsters and allow those to play and enjoy the pleasurable breeze and spend their very own time gladly. The importance with the public parks is being realised currently more and more. A lot more public parks happen to be being set up in locations set apart to them. The public leisure areas are meant for entertainment for the children. In every area nowadays, in every suburb of Chennai, you will find parks and parks. You will find see-saws, you will find small merry-go-rounds, there are photo slides, there are shiifts and there are trees and shrubs all around possibly in a small playground. Children arrive to the various parks and play pertaining to an hour or two. Adults take a walk around the park. There are plenty of small leisure areas in every location. There are big parks in Tanager in Chennai. The Panama Park...