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 A Reflection about «A Very good Man Is Hard to Find» by Flannery O’Connor Dissertation

In the first examining of this tale, I initially felt the worry frequently observed in grandmothers in confronting threat and how that they try to influence us to be away from this: " The Misfit is known as a loose through the Federal Dog pen and went toward Florida and you read here what says this individual did for this people…. ", the granny said. As I have experienced before, once a Dad and mom have made a decision to do something, it's difficult to change programs, and least from an elderly mother wish. The storyplot continues on a kind of funny way while the relatives travel through the country and the granny talks showing how were the old days and just how different will be these time. " Individuals are certainly not like they utilized to be" the grandmother informed Red Mike while in the community hall. After browsing the whole story I could then make a connection of the concept of the religion and evil inside the interactions of the old girl with the owner of the restaurant and the Misfit. While the grandma was conversing with the owner that they began speaking about the idea of a " good man" and exactly how he is difficult to find, also, linked into that the character in the Misfit. " …'It isn't a soul through this green regarding God's that you may trust, ' she said. " A good man is difficult to find, " Red Sammy said…" Right here, we see the grandmother as well as the man the master of the cafe discussing this times compared to now days and saying that no person is good ever again and that you cannot trust anybody. Later inside the story, towards end, the old lady is definitely telling The Misfit that she feels that he could be good, that she understands it While the story advances I believed tense and, latter, " horror" realizing the cold in the Misfit and the family members final success. The last word of this brief story mixed up me. I actually didn't determine what he intended when he said that " she'd have been a great woman if everyone had been there to shoot her every minute of her life. Could this mean that whenever we knew beforehand how our life will certainly end we might try do things better and become good?