Ulrich Bihr, Jens Anders, Joachim Becker and Maurits Ortmanns Start of Microelectronics, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany Ulrich. [email protected] para

Abstract: This paper gives a high-voltage (HV) neural

stimulator combined with a low-voltage (LV) nerve organs

recorder. In many bidirectional neural implementations

which has a high voltage complying for the stimulation is it

not possible to experience a high density as a result of high electric power

consumption in the recording spend the same HV supply.

This realization reveals a signalgeber with a HV supply

of seven. 5V to allow high voltage compliance together with

a neural recorders, which utilizes a LV availability of 1 . 65V to

decrease the power consumption of the documenting. In addition , the recorder divided the nerve organs signal into the localfield-

possibilities and the actions potentials. Using a separation

and an individual extreme of the two sub signals to the maximum swing, it will be easy to reduce the dynamic selection

and thus image resolution of the needed ADC. This kind of results in a

major data reduction and reduces the strength consumption

from the recording part. The execution presents a stimulator with a maximum stimulation current of 15mA with

5-bit image resolution and 7-bit dynamic range combined with a

recorder, which consumes 52W, and provides a great input called noise of three. 8Vrms pertaining to the LFPs and the APs.

Keywords: Neural stimulator, nerve organs recording, front-end

circuit, splitting up, switched-capacitor


Parallel neural recording combined with neural activation

enables neuroscientist the possibility to examine the complicated

neural systems in more detail. A combined system gets the

major advantage that it is conceivable to promote at a single electrode and record the neural result of the nerve organs network

additionally electrode soon after. With these details, the waveform of the excitement can be optimized and this provides

the possibility to stimulate the neural network with a larger efficiency.

To allow high current stimulation as well as high

impedance electrodes a higher voltage complying (VC) is definitely

necessary due to the voltage drop at the electrode. A high

VC requires itself a HV supply pertaining to the stimulator. But , a HV source for the whole nick results in extremely high power ingestion in the nerve organs recorder, which will had to operate from

this kind of unnecessary substantial supply. Accordingly, a highly bundled chip with many parallel stations would heat to an

inadmissible high temperature. Two different source voltages on a single chip enable high power efficiency for stimulator

and recorder. Therefore , a HV security switch is essential to detachment the CARTIER recorder within a stimulation

period in order to protect the GUCCI devices by destructive

HV stimulator

HV transistor

while switch

+7. 5V

-7. 5V





three or more. 3V

LV neural

low-noise amplifier







for APs

Switched- Capacitor

Strap Pass Filtering

Switched- Capacitor

Low Pass Filter


Ref. electrode


to get LFPs


open closed


Physique 1: One particular bidirectional channel with a HV stimulator

and a CARTIER recorder

substantial voltages.

An additional separation signal for local-field-potentials

(LFPs) and action potentials (APs) decreases the total amount

of information [1]. Therefore , the strength efficiency with the recording unit and the reizgeber is very excessive, which enables a high

ethics on the computer chip.


Fig. 1 displays the rendering of one route with bidirectional neural user interface.

On the left side is the stimulator which has a voltage flow of

7. 5V. The design of the stimulator is dependent on the structure published in [2]. A 5-Bit current steerage digital-toanalog

converter (DAC) with two working points produces

the reference point current. The DAC is definitely realized inside the LV

site to minimize the energy consumption. The reference

current can be mirrored with two gain elements for a great anodic

arousal current or perhaps for a...

Bibliography: filter composition for neural recording applications, ” in

Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 2012 IEEE International

Conference, seminar on, pp. 2231 –2234, may 2012.

IEEE Log of, vol. 47, pp. 244 –256, jan. 2012.


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