A comparison of Comcast and Twc

 Comparison of Comcast and Twc Essay

Time Warner vs . Comcast Cable connection

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* Cable connection, Internet, and phone provider. They also make revenues in other areas including theme parks, film, promoting, and home security. * Non commercial and commercial customers in 40 different states. 5. In the past five years Comcast has bought several cooperation, other television, and related businesses.

5. Fortune five-hundred rank: 2009: 68

2010: 59

2011: 66

2012: 49

2013: 46

5. Position in the telecommunications industry: 4


Time Warner Cable

5. Cable, Net, and telephone provider. Additionally, they make income in other areas such as marketing, film, and home security. 2. Operates in 28 different says.

5. In Mar of 2009 Time Warner Cable divide off from Time Warner.

2. Fortune 500 rank: 2009: New impartial entity did not have sufficient revenue to rank.

2010: 131

2011: 137

2012: 142

2013: 134

* Position inside the telecommunications industry: 6



* Comcast consistently increases revenues in a higher percentage than Time Warner cable television. * Comcast has a huge percentage vary from 2011 to 2012 as a result of Olympic insurance coverage that was on NBC a Comcast affiliate. 2. Time Warner Cable is definitely increasing revenues but for a slow rate than Comcast.


Time Warner Cable

Comcast offers

* Time Warner Wire and Comcast's change of assets are generally not significant, except for Comcast coming from 2011 to 2012. This increase is due to the acquisition of NBC that began this summer.

Debt and Equity Amounts


2. Comcast contains a big increase in liabilities from 2011 to 2012. This can be likely due to the acquisition of NBC that made its debut in 2011.

Time Warner Cable

* Time Warner Cable had extreme drop in collateral from 2009 to 2010. This is due to a one for three or more reverse stock split last year.

Debt Coverage Proportion

* Time Warner Cable's debt coverage rate is on a negative trend. The amount of financial debt has increased when compared to cash by operations to the debt. 5. Comcast's personal debt coverage percentage has a positive trend. Their particular cash coming from operations has become increasing. This gives them the cabability to pay off their very own debt in the event that they choose to. * Both Comcast and Time Warner Cable possess increasing total debt statistics. However , Comcast has shown a better ability to control their total debt because their money from functions has also improved along with the increasing debt.

Permanent Debt to Shareholders Collateral

5. Time Warner Cable's long lasting debt is definitely on an raising trend. Nevertheless , their shareholders equity has decreased demonstrating the fact that they may taking financing and equity or perhaps repurchase of stock. 2. Comcast's long lasting debt is still steady through 2009-2011. When in 2012 we have a large embrace long-term personal debt. During 2012 there was as well an increase in shareholders' equity, which leads to a larger increase in shareholders' equity in 2013. * Comcast's long term debt proportion in recent years has demonstrated that their very own solvency offers gotten to a satisfactory level of 76%. More buyers have put in capital inside the company. This provides Comcast an improved ability to take care of debt.


Gross Income:

2. Time Warner Cable has become increasing all their gross revenue slowly by 9, 055 in 2009 to 11, 444 in 2013 (in millions). * Comcast also recently had an increasing craze in their gross profit from dua puluh enam, 336 last season and made possibly larger gains in recent years setting up a profit of 42, 641 in 2013 (in millions). * Comcast offers almost bending their gross profit in five years, while Period Warner Wire made nominal gains inside the same five-year span. * Comcast increased their gross profit as a result of large amount of cash they made out of the Olympics airing issues affiliate NBC.

Net Income:

* Period Warner Cable is raising their net profit.

5. Comcast Wire also has an increasing trend net profit. Comcast offers has a larger overall...


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