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Case Survey Cover Bed sheet

Management Accounting 201

Because of: 12 pm on Thursday, 5th Summer 2014


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1 . 0 Launch 2 installment payments on your 0 Evaluation 1 3 2 . you Importance of Duty 4 installment payments on your 2 Actual Assumptions of CVP analysis 5

three or more. 0 Analysis 2 6th 4. 0 Analysis three or more 8 5. 0 Conclusion 10 six. 0 Referrals 11 several. 0 Appendixes 12

1 . 0 Launch

This statement will take a look at the problems Electronic Division of LifeSung Corporation are facing. At the moment, the sales department have said they required a goal of each Outlet Boards that they have to sell. In any other case, they would only sell those that are easier to sell. The Sang Department have voiced out that there is a need to look at the cost of Plasma panels. In accordance to survey, Plasma N is not doing well and dragging the performance of the whole section. The Microcontroller Department decide whether to get a new equipment for the production of controller 457 as well as to outsource the availability. This record will make an effort to examine and evaluate the range of sales of each and every individual outlet board, assess the sales and costs of Plasma B and finally assess the pros and cons of producing controller 457 on our own and finally deciding regardless of whether to delegate the production.

installment payments on your 0 Research 1: Target Sales

At present, the selling price for Advanced, Boosted and Custom's outlet board were set at $185. 00, $450. 00 and $610. 00 respectively. The product sales mix has become consistent in 60%, thirty percent and 10% respectively for the 3 goods. To solve the situation, we got to work with the Cost Volume level Profit (CVP) analysis. Products

Selling Price/ Unit


Variable cost/ Unit


Unit contribution margin



$222. 00

$185. 00

$37. 00


$540. 00

$450. 00

$90. 00


$732. 00

$610. 00

$122. 00

Figure you

The contribution margin which can be revenue without the variable expenditure reflects a company's earnings. A contribution margin research shows simply how much a company ought to sell. As a result of complexity from the matter where there are many products, the sales blend has to be constant and there is a target net profit of $2, 800, 000 to be met, we have a need to identify the weighted average unit contribution margin. Using the following accounting formulation, we can find out the total products required to end up being sold.

After measurements (See Appendix 1), the total units being produced was found to become 77, eight hundred fifty units. By utilizing the product sales mix into the total units to be developed, the total models to be offered by every individual products is located as viewed from Physique 2 beneath. Recommendation: The overall number of every single units demonstrated below to get sold to strike the net profit target Items

Number of unit to be developed


46, 710


23, 355


several, 785

Figure a couple of

2 . one particular Importance of Taxes

Tax is very important in the calculations of the range of units purcahased by hit the prospective profit as it directly uses a chunk from the net earnings. If a preferred net profit is wished, there is a have to increase the ideal amount by the tax amount. As we are able to see from the formulation below, in the event that tax wasn't taken into considerations to calculate the required number of models to be marketed, the required amount of units would require a dip. Although because of the presence of taxes, a larger quantity of necessary units to become sold is needed to offset the tax quantity.

2, two Underlying Presumptions of CVP analysis

When you are performing the CVP analysis,...

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