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п»їLesson 4 Conversation

Fremont High School

" Jonathan Kozol”

Jennifer R

Following reading Jonathan Kozol's article on Fremont High School in Los Angeles, I had developed to stop and rethink every detail I had simply read describing the schools physical appearance, education offered and the overall sanitation in the school. I merely did not understand the school devices in the United States today were in such awful conditions. Although describing the school itself I actually learned it consist of about 5, 500 students. The perimeter is usually protected by simply an ten foot metal fence capped by spikes. This appears more like a prison than a high school graduation. According to the article the teachers stated a few of the classrooms happened in changed storage closets that were windowless and awful. Teachers mentioned, " the queue for kids to get their foodstuff is very extended and the entire period previous only half an hour. It takes these people 15 in order to walk from their classes and get through the queue. They likely get 5 minutes to eat all their meal. ” According to the educators most common students in ninth quality are browsing at a fourth class level. This kind of tells you they are lacking education and their probability of a decent career is slender. The school got 15 fewer bathrooms than the law essential and only 1 or 2 " doing work. ” Not to mention they were always unclean and lacking products. I could not believe kids were cared for like this in a school program. It is so unjust. I could not believe this school would still be running and these children didn't get the things they will deserve to find out. Every child deserves the right to an education. It shouldn't matter if the part of town is quite a bit less rich while other areas. (Pg. 708) " Rats in eleven classrooms” this was protection reports. " Rat droppings” are registered " inside the bins and drawers. ” This would cause you to want to drop out of faculty if you had to endure these kinds of horrible circumstances. At the end of the essay when a child by the name of Mireya asked, " What makes it, that learners who do not require what we...