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INCLUDEPICTURE http/images/no_image.jpg MERGEFORMATINET Banish the Doldrums INCLUDEPICTURE http// gif MERGEFORMATINET There comes an area in all of your lives when we come into a stark recognition Life at times isnt very fun. The realities of day-to-day lifestyle are difficult, and setbacks common. Life may have been a great eye-opening excursion in our youngsters, our teens, even the 20s, but as time passes, the joy of living gets harder to sustain. Most of us deal just fine with this simple fact. With grow older, exuberance and excitement obtain replaced by a more simple but deeper joy. We have families we love, jobs that are important, friends that care, hobbies and holidays that provide actual pleasure, built up wisdom which gives us a sense of value and uniqueness. Yet rare is a person who will not encounter times during the major loss or challenge along the way. As well as for millions of people, the way of lifestyle occasionally takes us throughout the dark areas of depression. Frequently it is a adverse event, or maybe a sequence of events, that creates this condition. It is sometimes a shift in our behaviour -- coming from a existence half-full into a life half-empty -- that brings this on. And frequently it is body chemistry itself -- an imbalance in the chemical substances of the brain that deprives you from the feel-good bodily hormones and casts a long shadow on your moods and emotions. Depression can be described as serious condition, demanding a doctors treatment. Here we all arent trying to give you a medical diagnosis or treatment -- that is for specialists to do. But even if you take medication to get depression, this lifestyle methods may increase the drugs effectiveness....