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MGT420 Individual Theory Matrix


Major Concepts

Process of Theory Proposed

Process-Driven Top quality Requirements

Customer-Driven Quality Requirements

Company Case That Has Used This Theory


Problems in a procedure are not seated in determination or dedication of the workforce, but is because of flaws in the design of the program. PDCA cycle (plan, perform, check, act).

14 take into account transform managing practices.

Most of his 16 points happen to be process-driven, such as breaking down limitations between departments will result in a reduction of waste, errors, and wait. His idea on continuously improving the system of development and services is customer-driven because it focuses on providing the best possible products to customers. Toyota


Targets parts of the business, not entire. He as well defined top quality as " fitness to get use”, and developed notion of cost of top quality.

Three basic steps to improvement

Ten procedure for quality improvement

The Juran Trilogy

Juran's Pareto Basic principle

Juran was an engineer and this individual firmly thought that top quality does not happen accidentally, for that reason all of his theories will be process influenced – companies need to determine who their customers are and policy for quality through every step of the process. Quality organizing is the initially stage of his trilogy and is basically aligning a great organization's products and processes with customers' requirements. Bausch & Lomb


He centered on user friendly quality control and emphasized the interior customer. Trigger and result diagram (fishbone diagram)

Top quality circles

He emphasized around the internal client, meaning that during each step in the creation of any product or service, the department will likely need to treat another department as a " customer", so that top quality is controlled at every step. This is how Isikawa's method is process-driven because every single process is usually tightly connected to the next. His quality need is customer-driven because he moved for the concept of...